M.C.M Megaphones

Vintage Harley muffler pipe complete reprint
Released by “Motor Cycle Mufflers” (M.C.M) brand!

The Megaphone muffler pipe, which is familiar to vintage Harley enthusiasts, has been completely reprinted with attention to the original details such as pipe thickness and bending method. It will be upgraded to a special one by installing a muffler.

It is Φ1-3/4 inch (44.45mm) that is not manufactured in Japan.

Currently, only Φ45mm pipes are sold in Japan.
The difference is about 0.5, but at Φ45mm, it does not enter the head of the knuckle or the squash pipe, and it looks a little thicker.

There are chrome types and bare metal types for knuckle heads and pan heads, so you can choose according to the style of your car.
* Since it may be necessary to change the oil line, etc., we recommend replacing it at a specialty store.

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★ Vintage style
★ Megafon
★ Knucklehead
★ Pan Head
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